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Cypress Dice

God's Favorite Princess - 20mm Pip D6

God's Favorite Princess - 20mm Pip D6

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This Shadowheart-inspired die is full of beautiful white ink tendrils and delicate drops of purple pigment past. Inked in black.


Flaws: 1 face is slightly off-centered (shown in the fourth photo). Will not affect playability.


All dice are handmade from start to finish and therefore may have some minor flaws, such as micro-scratches, mold marks, etc. None of this affects their playability. I will do my best to describe any major flaws and am always willing to answer any questions about sets or individual dice.


Resin, Alcohol Ink, Resin Dye, Acrylic Paint

Care Instructions

Store out of direct sunlight, and excessive heat. Ideally roll on a gaming mat or dice tray to prevent chipped edges. Treat with love and respect to appease and hopefully please the dice gods.

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